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“Love at First Sound” is an excellent single from Floor People, a band based in Boston with roots in Buffalo, NY. This is captivating, infectious synth-pop fond of both hooks and atmospheric construction, particularly fit for ’80s nostalgia with shades of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Squeeze, and Pet Shop Boys. The driving synths and electrifying vocals both cast a superb mood, theatrical-sounding while simultaneously yearning and melodic. This is the first of hopefully several singles from the band this year, as they plan on releasing more tracks throughout the summer.

The band says of the track: “The lyrics explore a loving relationship with music, itself. It is a relationship of devotion that is at times obsessive and unhealthy.”

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From a recent review by :

Floor People is an Electronic Indie Rock/Pop band, formed in the winter of 2017-2018. Their first EP album, titled The First Floor People EP, was released in April of 2018. The band is comprised of Greg Ryan and REL Kennedy on keyboards and vocals, and percussionist Daniel Kaye. The trio’s soul-influenced vocals explore a diversity of modal landscapes, giving each song it’s own individual multi-chromatic vibrance. Influenced by prominent indie bands of the early 2010’s like MGMT, Arcade Fire, and Passion Pit, they differentiate from those adhering to overused trends in popular music; Floor People rather unabashedly merges their favorite elements of several popular genres.

Greg Ryan and Dan Kaye met in their home town of Buffalo, NY in the summer of 2012, playing together in a short-lived Steely Dan cover band. They would reunite in Boston, MA in late 2017 where they teamed up with the intent of forming a new original band. Greg’s girlfriend, REL Kennedy, attended some of their first practices where she casually demonstrated her natural singing ability. As she became naturalized, 2 became 3 people, and 3 became Floor People.

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